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Operating for over 60 years, U.S.Art is the world’s largest fine art handling company with offices and affiliates around the globe. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, our company provides the most comprehensive, museum-quality art handling services in the world. We are committed to providing the unparalleled service that our clients expect, as we are aware that each of our clients entrusts us with their precious possessions.


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U.S.Art supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

We support everyone’s right to peaceful protest. We abhor violence and Police brutality. We do support good Police and good people. We stand in solidarity with all our employees and customers that are committed to making this world better by helping build a place where everyone rejects systemic racism and can live with dignity and without fear while accomplishing their dreams.


Greetings to All,
In an effort to keep all of our clients informed as to the U.S.Art Company status concerning this unprecedented event we are sending you this update.

As have thousands of companies nationwide, U.S.Art Company is participating in the Federal Stimulus Recovery Plan.
As a result, we will be bringing all of our employees back onto payroll beginning Monday 4/27/2020 in our effort to ensure our staff has their jobs and income to take care of their families.

Following all individual state rules and regulations concerning Stay at Home orders, social distancing and personal hygiene protocols, we will be ramping up our operations and beginning to put trucks back on the road as soon as clients are prepared to receive or release shipments.
Obviously, things are changing almost daily and we are monitoring all the appropriate Federal, State and Medical agencies for proper direction and guidance.

We want to be ready when you are! Please feel free to reach out to your usual U.S.Art contact for information pertaining to any specific shipments that you have pending and we will do everything in our power to resume services as soon as possible and as safely as possible.

Stay safe and best of luck to you and your families.

U.S.Art Company, Inc.


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