About Us

U.S.Art is the largest fine art handler domestically and throughout the world. As a 3rd generation family business, U.S.Art’s commitment to the safe transportation of artwork is unparalleled.

With origins in the E.F Lank Company, founded in 1954 by Ellsworth Lank, Sr., the company gained immediate recognition for high quality and innovation in packing techniques and crate design. We have been propelled over the last 30 years by President and CEO Mark Lank, COO Mark Silverman, VP Frank Marcotti and a talented group of senior executives including Ellsworth Lank Jr., and the most experienced workforce in the industry.   We are now joined by the 3rd generation, Stephen Ellsworth Lank and Michael T. Lank, who are continuing U.S.Art traditions and have helped us grow to an international company with domestic offices throughout the United States and international affiliates around the world.

Working with the world’s foremost museums, auction houses, galleries and collectors the company ships fine art, antiques and antiquities to every city in the U.S. and to every point on the globe. U.S.Art is unique in that it is the only major domestic art handler that does not outsource work to subcontractors, primarily utilizing its own staff of fine art handlers and owns and operates a specially designed fleet of vehicles equipped to museum quality standards.

The bedrock of the company is its infrastructure “the network” which includes the largest domestic fleet of specially designed art transportation vehicles, the most frequent art dedicated shipping schedule in the U.S., the foremost worldwide affiliate network and the most experienced, highly trained workforce in the industry.

Although the largest firm in the industry, it is at heart a family company with three generations in the business.  Consequently decisions are made for the long term and business relationship forged to stand the test of time…U.S.Art is here to stay. This focus on doing what is right for the long term has, not surprisingly, produced a very customer centric culture within the company. It is a standing company policy that it takes one person to say yes to a customer – and three to say no.

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