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    6. Please describe the items that you require packing services for in detail, including sizes, medium, condition and any special considerations that must be attended to by the art handlers to ensure proper and safe packing and handling of these pieces.

    7. Is there adequate space at the pick up location for the packing to be done on site?

    8. Do you have any special packing material requests?

    9. Please describe both the pick up and delivery location facilities (loading dock, elevators, stairs, etc). Are there any truck size restrictions at either the pick up or delivery locations?

    10. What type of service are your looking for: Crate and Air Freight, Shuttle, Last On-First Off, Expedited, Exclusive Use?

    11. Do you need "Excess Valuation" (Insurance) Coverage? If so, what is the value you are declaring for this shipment?

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