Open Letter to All Our Clients

August 2017

Recently one of our competitors, Masterpiece International, has been putting out false information concerning our services and our ability to service our clients with shipments to and from airports. Masterpiece is telling clients that we will not work with them (Masterpiece), so our services are not available to you….this is false.

U.S.Art would never inconvenience our clients. U.S.Art is always willing and available to handle your shipments both domestically and internationally. Even if you do not call us directly to handle a shipment or if you have a shipment to or from an airport that you have given to Masterpiece to organize or clear, we are still happy to provide the domestic service for you. U.S.Art will provide Masterpiece with estimates along with a copy being sent to you.

Allow me to clarify our position, role and abilities here;

  • U.S.Art Company is the largest fine art handling company in the United States, with more trucks, staff and facilities nationwide
    than any other fine art carrier.
  • U.S.Art Company is a fully licensed customs broker that is handling international shipments (both import and export) nationwide for worldwide clientele.

Masterpiece International is a broker only. They acknowledge to be “asset light” which means they do not own trucks, warehouse facilities, art handling staff, crate shops or provide any other types of direct art handling. They must rely 100% on sub contract companies to provide all of these services to you

As always, we are here and ready to provide all of our service to you our clients and look forward to doing so into the future

Mark S. Lank