U.S.Art Company and our response to the COVID-19 breakout

March 2020

At U.S.Art Company, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority.
Due to the constantly evolving circumstances, our response is a dynamic one.
We are monitoring all government mandates and adjusting our schedule to best mirror restrictions being established as a result.

As you know, we have a fleet of trucks over the road 24/7 and we are adjusting their schedules as needed or required.

Due to the large volume of cancellations we are already seeing, we will be adjusting our current schedules to properly reflect the change in volume that we would normally be seeing.
All clients with booked shipments will be advised of re-structured dates where applicable.

Access to our facilities by both clients and vendors will be managed on a case by case basis as we will be actively limiting any additional people from entering our facilities other than staff and emergency personnel.

Our facilities are being aggressively cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day to ensure the safety of our staff.

Please join us in these measures so we can all do our part in stopping the spread of this virus.