Domestic—Museum Exhibitions

Traveling exhibitions are an exercise in precise logistics and require the expertise and experience few companies possess. U.S.Art works extensively with museums across the country to ensure a trouble free outcome. We assign experienced customer service staff to each exhibition and work closely with the organizing institution from the initial planning stages through all venue transits, to the final dispersal of pieces back to the original locations.

Our operations staff is responsible for all scheduling and logistics throughout the length of the exhibition.  We continually communicate with all venues involved, the organizing institution and our transportation staff to ensure that all aspects of the project come together seamlessly. With our state of the art GPS Tracking System we constantly monitor each shipment in transport and keep you posted as to the status.

As with all U.S.Art shipments we use our own state-of-the-art fleet and our own highly experienced personnel. For safety and security, all our vehicles are staffed by dual art handler / drivers and equipped with GPS tracking, special alarm systems, and special tamper proof locks to ensure the safety of your property 24/7. Our safety and security protocols meet or exceed the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security’s, which means we provide the highest level of safety and security possible.